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New Positions & Responsibilities

A new school year means that there have been shifts in leadership roles. What that means for me this year is that I became the new Chair for our school's Psychology Society and English Society! These two are the areas that I feel most passionate about, so I was so glad to be qualified for the position.

I have a few ideas in mind for how both societies would run.

For the Psychology Society:

  • Q&A sessions for younger students to ask what IB psychology is like

  • Conducting social investigations in groups

  • Hosting informative talk sessions on prevalent psychological topics

  • Dissecting fictional characters under a psychological lens

For the English Society:

  • Lunchtime poetry sessions to talk about poems

  • Poetry slam: where everyone can join in with reciting their favourite poems

  • Short story writing competition

  • One-line story marathon

  • Helping out younger students struggling with English

I'm also very excited to see who our newest recruits will be. The more the merrier they say, but I hope they're committed!

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