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My Turning Point

You never know what happens in life - some of them are and then there are some events that change you for life. For me, the thing that changed me was none other than a movie.

The movie that inspired me is called 'How To Train Your Dragon 1' and its sequel. Maybe it was the lively personalities of the characters or their determination that made me want to be like them. For a few weeks, I pretended to take on the characteristics of Astrid, the headstrong female protagonist of the movie. She was a fighter who spoke her mind and she was always confident in everything she did. Astrid was always determined to help her friends and wasn't worried of what other people thought of her. I was always the shy one, so the thought of being confident was so tempting. But since I've been a quiet girl for so long, it was hard to become someone I wasn't. So I started small by doing things that I would never have dreamt of doing. I challenged myself to speak to my parent's friends when I met them and sing in front of my family.

As the first step of becoming the confident girl I long be, I started to participate more in the morning assemblies. In our school, we always had a student led assembly. I had never done it before, but with the support of my friends, I was able to lead our tutor group into presenting the best assembly of the year! It was a great start to the year and it helped me become more confident in class. It was easier to lead group projects now that I knew how to do it. As I was the representative of most projects, teachers and classmates trusted me even more.

My biggest moment came when the auditions for the annual whole school production, 'Annie', started. Instead of auditioning for a small role like I did in the past, I wanted to be 'Annie', the main character. It wasn't easy because there was a lot of competition, and the only way to claim the role was by singing. I hated singing in front of an audience and was terrified before I began singing. But then I looked back at my journey of becoming a confident girl and how I even dared to take part in the audition. Then I just sang without any hesitation, I sang with happiness and utter shock from the realisation that my voice wasn't shaking. A few weeks later, I was delighted to see that I got the part!

Even after the production ended, the confidence I gained was still within me.

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