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My Trip To Kyungbok Palace

One of the best heritages in Korea are the palaces that were once used by kings and queens in the past. Their designs are elegant in their own unique way, and even now, the structure almost surpasses the modern ones.

Kyungbok Palace: A Brief History

Built three years after the Chosun (Joseon) dynasty was established, it became the main royal palace in 1395. It served as the home of Kings, the royal family, and the government members. It continued to serve as the main palace until it was destroyed during the Imjin War (1592~1598) and abandoned for another two centuries. Fortunately, a full restoration process took place during the 19th century. Even though it was destroyed once again by Imperial Japan, it has been gradually restored to its original form. Today, the palace is arguably the most beautiful and grandest of the Five Palaces of Korea. It is also the home to the National Palace Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum within the premises of the palace. (read the full article here)

Photos To Share!

My mum and I rented Hanboks (traditional Korean outfits) to double the fun. My dad, on the other hand, was too busy taking our photos that he didn't get a chance to wear them. Nonetheless, I had so much fun going around. Some of the tourists from foreign countries even asked me to take photos with them :)

If you ever visit Korea (or is living in Korea), make sure to visit the Kyungbok Palace and live the life of royalty!

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