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My First Educational Video!

As a part of our online learning experience for English, my teacher wanted us to read through some of the resources around Shakespeare’s era and make a short educational video linking Romeo & Juliet and the resource together.

I based mine upon the book called ‘Of Domesticall Duties’ written by the Church of England Clergyman William Gouge in the 17th century and another called ‘Vives’ Conduct Book for Christian Women’ written in the Tutor period.

And since a picture paints a thousand words, I’ll stop explaining so that you can take a look at the video! Mind you, there are some jokes that only people from my school would get, but it won't take anything away from the video. The work is 100% mine, with hand-drawn pictures and a script written by me 😄

There you have it! I hope it gave you a little more insight to Shakespeare’s choices and what life was really like for people around that era.

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