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My First Busking Experience!

So many things happened during this year's Arts Week (a week dedicated to the performing Arts which is a tradition in our school), but I think the most successful outcome from it was that I got to perform in front of an audience!

In different parts of our school, we arrange a small stage for performers to come and go while the audience came and watch.

I sang Desperado by The Eagles. Since it's quite an old song, I didn't expect anyone to know about it. But nonetheless, my friends were there to support me.

The thing is, I had stage fright. When I was young, I attempted to sing in front of my class, but my voice was so shaky that even I couldn't recognise what I was singing. I hated that feeling. But since I was able to sing in front of a bigger audience in CTY (here's the story), so I gave it a shot.

After my performance was over, I got a shower of compliments and claps. A few of the teachers (who didn't even teach me) came to me and told me that my singing was as good as the original and that I touched their hearts with my voice. I couldn't believe that my song could have such a positive impact on the people. I'm looking forward to next year's Arts Week. Now... what song should I sing?

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