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My Dream House

Let's say that you have an infinite supply of funds and your goal is to build your dream house. What would it have? Well, I know just the things that my dream house would have.


I always loved the modern look on a house. With stone and glass paneling for the walls, my house would look something like this:

I would also love a little garden to tend, with a wooden swing set to relax on sunny days, because what's a garden without some place to relax?

Living Room

Since the living room is a place for everyone (including any guests) to enjoy, I thought that it should take on a minimalist look, but not too spacious that it looks bland and empty. Living rooms need a bit of cosiness. A big window to let the sunlight in would be a bonus!


I can't say much about this, because I don't really get to cook, but I would love an oven for the baking I do with my dad. It's probably gonna be hard to keep it clean like the photo below, but you get the picture :)


This is one of the most important places because when I take a shower, I do it to recharge and let everything that had bothered me that day wash away. It would be amazing to have a sleek shower booth with a big bathtub and the toilet should be sectioned so there's privacy.


A staircase is quite important in a house with more than two levels, because it connects the two spaces together. It should be easy to go up and match the aesthetics of the house. I personally like a natural look with wooden staircases.

My Room

I know one thing that my room needs to have, and that's a bay window. I had a similar one when I was younger, where I sat and sang songs (much like a princess from a Disney movie) and I long to do it again! Also, I need a clean desk/study area so that I can concentrate on my work. Natural decorations like house plants or birch trees would be my dream come true.


Every house needs an attic for all the mysterious antics that one comes up with. Also, it's a great place to store past memories (both literally and figuratively). My only other wish is that the attic having a skylight. The attic doesn't have to be big -- just enough to feel cosy.

Secret Places

I need to have a secret place for me to indulge in some 'me time'. It can be a small room behind a bookcase (or something like that) or the place underneath a staircase (yes, I'd like to live where Harry Potter lived).

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