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Keep Your Dreams Alive!


When I talk about dreams, they don't mean my goals in life. This kind of dream is the one I like most, because it actually enables you to travel to a different world where all your imaginations are true.

I tend to have the weirdest dreams that are so vivid that I often wake up feeling overwhelmed. Still, the dreams I have make up a great portion of my creative influences and helps me escape from the (sometimes) dire reality.

But I know that there's a problem with dreams -- you can never remember them after a while! So that's why I keep a Dream Journal. It's just a place where I can store all of my spectacular adventures at night. I used to write them down in a notebook, but it was hard to track all of my dreams if I didn't have it near me. So I decided to keep a digital journal that synced across all of my devices so that I could note down my dreams whenever and wherever I was.

When I was young, I tend to have really bad nightmares. I used to hate sleeping because of it, but my mum suggested that I prayed for happy dreams before I went to bed. It worked like a charm! Even now, I still do it just in case.

These days, my dreams are more action packed and movie-like. This is one of my entries:

I was supposed to be in a school play and since our teacher was holding an audition, most drama students were there. I had taken my chances and decided to sing a solo. But just as the music started, this girl (who was a diva from the start) pushed me over and started singing a song that wasn't even in the play. People (mainly myself) were confused and irritated at the fact that she took my spotlight and because of her self-absorbed attitude.

Then I was at a hotel in Italy?? (I don't really know). It was a family trip and the hotel had a nice blend of 'modern' and 'vintage'. There were statues that spat out water (it was a fountain) and the food was really nice. However, the staff wanted to increase security, so they bought security drones called “ALL-KILL”. (I mean, why would you buy anything called all-kill? Don't they think that the name would have suggested something?) It was fine for a while — just doing their jobs and stopping anyone from going into closed areas. However, I accidentally hit one of the drones with a chair, making them angry. They started to chase me down town.

(the drone had 4 mechanical arms that could stretch out to 5 m. Also, the body itself was a sphere, with a big circular camera at the front which made it look like an eyeball. It was white with sky-blue accents.)


I swear, if I grow up to become a movie director of some kind, I'm sure I'll use some of my dreams as inspiration. Or I could just send these ideas to an existing director for them to make it into a movie!

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