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January Jumble #1

The first riddle/puzzle that'll get your mind buzzing! Challenge yourself to a classic Knights and Knaves question! Keep scrolling~!

The Problem

There is an island far, far away where there are only two types of people (literally). They are the Knights and Knaves. The Knights, being so chivalrous, never lies and always tells the truth. The Knaves, on the other hand, is known for their never-ending lies.

As you venture into this island, you come across a fork in the road and two people standing guard. You want to visit the amusement park (it's known for the fun rides) but there's no idea of telling which one will take you there.

What you do know is that one of them is a knight, and the other is a knave. You also know that one path leads to the amusement park and the other path leads to certain... consequences that you'd rather not face.

You can ask one of them one question. What do you ask to determine which one is the path to the amusement park?

Need A Hint?

You don't need to figure out which person is a Knight and which one is a Knave to figure out which path leads to freedom.

Time For The Solution!

Did you solve the riddle? Or did it leave you stumped? Never mind! As long as you've picked a path, the solution is right here!

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