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Happy Birthday to ME!

Although the annuals were still going on, I wasn’t going to stop myself from having a little birthday fun. My dad, like every year, came down from the mainland to celebrate my birthday with me.

This year, my parents were kind enough to get me the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active! They knew I was utterly invested in doing fitness at home and the new watch would help me keep track of my active time easily. The rose-gold colour was a beauty and I was ever so excited to use it during my workout.

My friends were also very sweet and got me a beautiful Mood Lamp that glowed in rainbow colours and a cute umbrella (because here in Jeju it rains so much during the summer), a notebook set and more! They also passed their ‘condolences’ of having to celebrate my birthday during the annuals.

Every year on my birthday, I get to think about the people who really care about me. I love my birthday because it’s when I get the extra love and attention from my family and friends (plus, getting to eat cake is a natural bonus!)

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