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Ending Another Year (2018)

It's the last day of the year 2018, and the new year is right around the corner! I have so many memories that I keep dear to my heart. But since I can't list my whole year of success, I'll have to summaries the biggest ones that I can remember. Also, for a more detailed recount, you could look through my blog!

First off, I can't believe how far I've come, thinking about all the drama productions I was in. Singing In The Rain started in 2017 and we performed it the late winter of 2018. That was such a magical experience for me. When I was in Year 10, I had another opportunity of performing A Christmas Carol as a theatre piece. I'm delighted that I was able to work with different genres of the Performing Arts. It's a really big step up for me, because when I first came to this school, I was so shy that I even hated answering questions.

One major change in my life was academic, and that has to do with starting IGCSE. It was quite tiring at the start and I'm still kind of worried, but I know that if I prepare for the exams throughout my school life, the hard work won't betray me. Also, I really like doing IGCSE because it helps me concentrate on the subjects I enjoy the most (although I love all subjects, no kidding).

I also managed to make my way towards making a difference in our school by becoming a Society Chair. Being the leader of the Dead Poet's Society was such a great addition to my school life! So far, we've made badges for our Society, and planning to have a lecture/discussion with our school community about the importance of poetry. My plans are to expand our horizon and talk about literature as well.

Speaking of which, I managed to stay true to my reading goal! At the start of 2018, I wanted to read at least 40 books by the end of the year. Goodreads allowed me to set a goal for the number of books I wanted to read for the whole year. I'm so glad that I managed to accomplish that and a little more, as I've read 44 books! This year, I'll probably keep the limit to around 30, but it could always go higher.

My social life has been quite dynamic. Being in an international school means that you always have to be prepared to say goodbye and welcome. One of my oldest friends at school left to pursue her dreams in a Korean school, while another went to a foreign country to study. Also, being in a new class in Year 10 gave me opportunities to make some new friends, and I've been so grateful for one particular friend.

I've mentioned this before in other posts, but I took in a really good habit -- exercising everyday! During that process, I've lost quite a lot of weight (which wasn't the intention, but hey, I'm happy) which made me love myself even more than before! I feel more confident about my body and I definitely am healthier/stronger.

And last but not least, one of my main accomplishments is maintaining this blog. This is a really special place for me to keep all of my memories in store, and to share them with others who are in need of inspiration. I thank everyone around me for making this possible.


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