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Drama: Devised Piece performance

After months and months of rehearsals, my team and I finally performed the devised piece for our IGCSE drama coursework.

A devised piece, unlike a scripted piece, wholly consists of the student's own creative work. We were given a stimulus and from there, we branched out the story into our own narrative.

The stimuli given to us were some of Frida Kahlo's paintings. The five of us each portrayed Frida Kahlo at different stages of her life; in the beginning, she is in love with Diego (her husband). But after the collision, her life quickly deteriorates into a series of traumatising events.

We started off as statues at a museum (hence, the title of our piece is called 'The Gallery') and after all the dramatic portrayal, we turn into statues once more, but now, with a red thread to connect all five of us.

I wish I could put up the video that my teacher took, but since it's going to be examined by the IGCSE board, it's probably not allowed. Oh well.. maybe sometime after I graduate!

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