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Diversity Week (2020)

Being an international school located in Jeju, it's easy to forget that one goes to a school alongside a diverse ethnic group of people.

Tutor groups were assigned a country each and decorated a board to represent the country and its cultural heritage.

As a member of the GAC (Global Awareness Committee), I had the opportunity to take Mr Mehta on a school tour, talking about his work as a UK ambassador in Korea. We had some interesting conversations on how to make the school a more open-minded place, and how to encourage people to welcome the differences between cultures.

On the last day of Diversity Week, all the members of the GAC wore cultural clothes. My hanbok was a modernised version of the traditional garment, making it easier for me to move around at school but showing the beauty of the Hanbok nonetheless.

I really hope that this tradition continues and that we'll be having a Diversity Week every year. But even when it's not, we should always remember to be respectful of others' differences and relish in the harmony!

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