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Delicious Apple Crumble

Continuing on with the Christmas tradition of our family, on this Christmas Eve, we decided to bake an Apple Crumble Pie! Unlike other apple pies, an Apple Crumble has a crunchy yet sweet topping that covers the apple.


The recipe I used was very simple and didn’t require much skill to bake. Using the amounts below will give you 2 Apple Crumble Pies (which is not a lot, trust me).

For The Crust:


- 300g All-Purpose Flour

- 150g Butter (cold, but soft)

- 60g Brown Sugar

- A pinch of Salt

- 1 cup Ice-cold Water

- 2 Tsp Vanilla extract


1. Pour the powder ingredients into a bowl

2. Mix them thoroughly

3. Add in the butter in small pieces

4. Mix until butter clumps can't be seen

5. Pour water in 2 goes

6. Mix until the batter is moist, but not too watery

7. Refrigerate for 2~3 hours before using

For The Filling:


- 4 Apples (hard ones are better!)

- 3 Tsp Ground Nutmeg (optional)

- 6 Tsp Ground Cinnamon (optional)

- 1/3 Cup Flour

- 6 Tbsp Sugar

- 4 Tbsp Lemon Juice


1. Clean the Apples, peel, and core them

2. Slice the Apples into thin (2~3 mm) pieces

3. Put them in a bowl

4. Add the Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Flour, Sugar, and Lemon Juice

5. Mix them together so that the apple slices are covered with it

(let it aside while making the topping so the juice of the apple can naturally leave the apple)

For The Topping:


- 150g Melted Butter

- 3 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon

- 2/3 Cup Brown Sugar

- 1 1/2 Cup Flour


1. Put all the powder ingredients into a bowl

2. Mix them together

3. Pour the melted butter

4. Using a spatula, mix the ingredients as if you were cutting them

5. Repeat until the mixture is crumbly with crumbles that are more or less the same size

For The Making of The Pie

*Preheat the oven to 120 degrees C*

1. Roll out the dough

2. Drape the dough on a pie plate (or a cake pan)

3. Make sure it fits the plate, then with a fork, poke holes on the bottom

4. Layer the apples into the pie plate

5. With 1.5cm~2cm to spare, gently pour in the topping

6. Pat down the topping (make sure it's evenly spread)

7. Style the pie crust (optional) or fold them down onto the pie

8. Set the temperature to 90 degrees C and bake for 35 minutes

9. Wait!

*It's better to serve it cold, so refrigerate it for a few hours until the pie takes shape*

(the result of my Apple Crumble was.... FANTASTIC!)


There you go! Your delicious Apple Crumble is ready :) You can eat it with a cup of tea or coffee, or a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream! Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of the crumbly topping and the apples~

If you're curious of what I baked last Christmas Eve, check it out here!

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