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Christmas Traditions

Our family celebrates a few creative traditions for every Christmas. Continue reading to figure out what it is!

On every Christmas Eve, we bake things for Santa (that's just an excuse). This year, my dad and I made Gingerbread Cookies that came in all different shapes and sizes! We have a little taste (that mostly turns out to be 2/3 of the baked goods) before we go to bed.

In the morning, I wake up to a piece of paper folded in front of my door. This is when my 'Christmas Day Scavenger Hunt' begins. My dad writes a series of riddles and problems that leads me to my present.

It kinda works like the game series 'The Room', but instead of trying to escape from the rooms by finding clues, I use the clues and piece them together in order to find my present. It's so much fun to go around the house, looking for clues and it's much more rewarding than just receiving a present.

I really hope this tradition of ours continues, because it makes Christmas seem like our own holiday.

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