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Christmas Bazaar Busking + Unplugged Night

Remember the first time I ever performed at a busking concert at school?

Well, now I'm coming around all the time! Every time there's busking going on, you can count on me to be there. This busking performance was quite special because it was during the busy and times of the Christmas Bazaar. It was so nice to see that people were having the time of their lives at the photobooth or buying nice gifts for each other.

two female standing in front of glass wall
Me and my mom at the Bazaar :)

(this song is Christmas the Whole Year Round by Sabrina Carpenter)

And another great accomplishment in terms of my performances would be... performing during Unplugged Night! This is a really big music performance that is hosted by our very own SONITAS music society. I've only ever heard about it and never been to one, but look at me, performing as a singer :)

(I'm singing When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars)

I've come so far.. and this all started with that one talent show way back in 2017 during CTY. I'm proud of myself.

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