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Books: A Way To Escape

Books have always been my best friend. But what makes them so dear to my heart, and everyone else's?

The first book ever made was the 'Gutenberg Bible' in 1455. This became the stepping stone for future books and publishing. This was a major turning point in the world, because even after 5 (and a half) centuries, books are still going steady.

But what makes books so amazing, that they are loved by everyone around the world? Well, I guess the nature of it holds the secret. It's been said that the rate of paper books being bought declined after e-books were introduced, but the majority of the population seem to prefer physical books than the digital copies of books. This is probably due to the fact that people buy books (especially fiction novels) in order to escape reality.

With a digital book, it's harder for complete immersion because... well, they're just a hard metal slate. But I do have something to back me up! A research showed that people reading on a Kindle absorbed less information than readers of a paper book. They reached a conclusion that the act of flipping pages and seeing one side shrink and the other side rise actually helps with the memory reconstruction when trying to remember the books you've read. Reading a printed book means that the reader is able to delve into the world that the author created and immerse themselves into those situations.

Speaking of authors, I think they should get more recognition. You can always teach someone how to do surgery or programming, but you can never force creativity.

To remember books better, chose a paper copy, instead of a digital one (but still, e-books are the winners when in comes to portability).

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