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Book Review: The Lie Tree

A wonderfully twisted and creepy tale that will keep you up at night, but the story told at heart will warm you up.

Young Faith Sunderly is standing at a crossroads. In the Victorian era, women who aren't obedient, loyal to the family, and dull, is considered as nothings. But Faith wants to be more. She's filled with curiosity and has a courageous heart, none of which matters if things don't change.

But Faith takes her chance to nourish her curiosity and thirst for knowledge when her father dies under mysterious circumstances. She believes that it's up to her to figure out the truth behind her father's death along with the research he was doing that led to his tragic end.

Even with a few obstacles in the way (her coquettish mother and other townspeople), she manages to find out about the Lie Tree. As it name suggests, it feeds upon lies and in exchange, grows fruits filled with secrets. But this lie must circulate among the people.

Remembering her father's words, Faith spreads lies that 'the people wish to believe'. She manages to grow the tree and receive secrets that nobody else knows. She knows that it's wrong, but what's going to stop a her desperate need for secrets about her father's death?

Although this novel is primarily targeted for children and teenagers, the underlying theme of repression and freedom as well as a reward with a price to pay is something that can be looked into even further. I definitely enjoyed this book, although the ending could be more powerful. Want to read it? Find the book here!

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