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Book Review: The Call

This is a horror/dystopian novel where teenagers are 'Called' to another world where they have to fight horrific monsters. The main protagonist Vanessa Doherty is a possible candidate to be Called. Every single child, starting from the age of 10, has to start training to even think about surviving back from the netherworlds.

The Sídhe, magical beings that were banished from Ireland for the safety of the people. However, seeking revenge, they started kidnapping children. Even though you only have to survive the netherworld for one day, only 1 in 10 people survive. Some never come back -- and the ones who do come back with an unforgettable scar, both physically and mentally.

The world that the book is based on is modern Ireland, where everyone is united by the Call. I was drawn to the story because of the interesting world; I don't think I had read a book that was based on Ireland.

The story itself may be a little cliched (the Hunger Games and Divergent have similar plots), but that doesn't mean that it's repetetive. I recommend you try the book.

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