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Book Review (Jul)

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga is a psychological thriller that features the main character as the son of a serial killer.

Jasper 'Jazz' Dent is an ordinary teenage boy. Sure, he gets into trouble, but that happens to everyone at one point. But he isn't normal to anyone who knows him, because he's the son of a famous serial killer.

If you think a teenager's life is hard, try living Jazz's life. He can't go around town without all the people staring at him. Even though his father made his world into a nightmare, Jazz still doubts that his father is the criminal mind behind a new serial killer, 'The Impressionist'. He secretly helps his father and the police search for clues.

While he's on the mission, Jazz gets scared that he might be a killer at heart. Still, he promises himself that he'll never lose his conscience and become a murderer like his father. Thus, the title I Hunt Killers.

This novel was so different from any of the thrillers I've read in the past. I had never seen a main character set as the child of a murderer -- I've read stories featuring actual murderers as the main character, or normally, the main character tries to catch the murderer-- this was really cool to see. It was interesting how people could be influenced into being something they weren't, or how one's belief could shape their life.

Want to read it? Find it here!

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