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Becoming A Leader

Since I was in Year 10 now, I wanted to do something that would have an impact in our school. That's when I heard the news of a potential Society.

One of the many things I love about our school is the existence of Societies. In these small groups, we could explore so many academic ideas that weren't covered in the school curriculum.

I wasn't really interested in Societies before, but I was thrilled to see a new English Society called 'The Dead Poet's Society' named after a novel of the same name. As the name suggested, it was a Society that mainly focused on poetry, but there was a possibility to expand our horizon.

This is where it gets exciting!! Every Society needs a Chair, a Secretary, and a Publicity Officer. Since the Society was made up of friends who knew me, they all nominated me to be the Chair. A friend of mine became the Secretary, and the only boy who was brave enough to join the Society became the Publicity Officer.

There were so many things to do as the Chair of a new Society, but I was ready to take on everything. I set up the meeting time, place, and things we were going to discuss during our meetings. I felt like I was a manager in a business enterprise! I really hope our Society prospers :p Go DPS!

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