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Be An Influence!

How many times have you changed someone's life completely? You might not have even noticed it, but there's definitely chance that you've influenced someone and made a difference.

It's a wonderful feeling when someone says to you that the way I do things changed their lives for the better. Even though it may not have flipped their lives upside down, there would be some aspects in their lives that you touched. I have 3 tips on how to be the centre of influence in your life!

1. Be Yourself, And Love Yourself

- For people to be influenced by you, they need to feel that you know what you're doing. With a little self-love and confidence, there's no-one in the world that you can't inspire. Don't try to create another persona -- just be yourself. That's the person you know the best and will be comfortable in when interacting with others. If you're running low on self-esteem, remember that there are things in life that only you can give.

2. Show Interest In Others

- Being an influence doesn't mean that you have to be the one setting all the rules. Looking at what others are interested in will not only give you an idea of what people wish for but also make them feel acknowledged. By exchanging ideas and thoughts, you'll be able to develop your ideas further and create something that everyone enjoys. That's the basis of being able to influence others.

3. Smile!

- The best, most easiest way for you to have an influence on someone's life is to smile. It really is contagious. If you smile and get someone else to smile, that person will go on and spread it around. So if you ever make eye contact with someone (even a passerby) just give them a smile. Who knows, you might have made that person's day!

Remember, the water doesn't ripple unless a rock is thrown into it. Be the centre of the ripple and influence others!

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