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Auditioning For A School Play

As an IGCSE Drama student, I search for opportunities to improve my drama skills as well as be in the spotlight!

Our school had one big Whole School Musical (that journey is told here and here) dating back to 2011, when it was first found, but things change. Instead of one big musical open to Years 7 to 12, it split into 2 different drama pieces: a musical for Years 7 to 9 and a theatre piece for Year 10 and up.

Being a Year 10 student, I decided to audition for the theatre piece. I had never done a drama performance with solely acting, so it was a fresh start for me. The theatre piece was going to be performed right before the Christmas holiday, which meant that the theme of it

I was kind of hesitant at first, because I didn't really like the story of The Christmas Carol. Ghosts and cranky people weren't really my thing. Still, I persuaded myself by saying that it was going to be a great chance to try something new.

The audition process was quite different from a musical audition. Our drama teacher set a scale from 1 to 10 and gave us a particular scene. When he shouted 1, the energy and motion was minimal. As the number increased, the motions were exaggerated to the fullest and the energy had to be maximised.

We also worked on chorus scenes (where the cast would work together to create a certain atmosphere). As The Christmas Carol was set in the Victorian era, we each thought of an activity that would happen in the streets during that time.

After an hour or two, we got an excerpt from the script and was asked to read them in character, taking turns. It was quite nerve-wracking, to be honest, since that would most likely determine what character we would get.

I wasn't sure what characters I would be able to play, since the play was quite male-character oriented. But I did want to play Belle, Ebeneezer Scrooge's fiancee, before she broke up with him.

After the audition was done, I was exhausted! I'd spent all my energy on the audition. I hope the results are satisfactory :)

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