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7 Ways To Have Fun On Your Own

Life may seem so out of control and you need something to have fun and forget all about it. Here are some ways that you could relax (without anyone else around!) or entertain yourself during boring days.

1. Chat With Yourself (.com)

You don't have to chat with a robot anymore! By using, you can literally talk to yourself. Have a go! You can even save your chat log to laugh at yourself later on ;)

2. Sing Duets

How will you sing a duet all by yourself, I hear you asking. Well, worry not! YouTube has the solution. If you type in "*your choice of song* duet (male/female)", then you'll get a list of different videos that can be used in duets. The person in the video will sing your partner's part, while you sing yours!

3. Walk Around Town

It's always fun to explore where you live! Visit a small cafe and discover the wonders of tasty delicacies or venture into a shop where you may find hidden treasure. Strolling around town will definitely help you relax and have fun.

4. Bake Something New

A little pastry won't hurt, right? Forget about the calories! When you bake 'em yourself, it always feels delicious. Even though you might mess it up, the fun you had while making it still lasts forever :)

5. Create A Song With Silly Lyrics

If you're too lazy to come up with a melody yourself, use the melody of your favourite song, but make the lyrics so bizarre that nobody will guess what song it actually was! If you're out of ideas (that probably means you're thinking too hard), use a random word generator to spice up your rhyme!

6. Reenact Your Favourite Scenes

Be a drama queen and act out your favourite scene from a movie, a book, or a TV show. Who cares if you play 5 different roles? More fun for you! You could also create a character of your own and see how that turns out for you~

7. The Classic: Read A Book

A cup of your favourite tea (or coffee) and a good book to read can melt your stress away like magic. It's a scientifically proven fact! Now, go get one!

I hope this helps you on your next boring or stressful day :)

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