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Things That Make Me Happy

It's my BIRTHDAY! My family threw me a magnificent party at home and even at school, I got a lot of presents and was sang the Birthday Song multiple times. I thought that today would be a good time to talk about little things that make me happy and how I appreciate them.

When my mum hugs me

→ Call me generic, but there's nothing like being hugged by my mum that makes me happy. I feel secure and loved, which is the best feeling ever!

Friends who are always by my side

→ There's no better feeling than knowing that you are supported by your closest friends. That's just the way life is; you're happy when there's company. (Hey, it even rhymes!)

Singing my favourite songs

→ The best way for me to de-stress and have a good time is to sing songs that I hold dear to my heart. Seriously, I could go on for hours!

Opening the window on a late Saturday morning and feeling the breeze

→ I know this is.. oddly specific, but I truly love the sensation of a cool and gentle breeze on my face with the sun to light up the room. Also, late Saturday morning? There's no doubt about that being one of my favourite moments.

Getting my hands on new technology

→ The new gadgets don't even have to be mine! I just love playing around with advanced technology. It makes me feel as if I'm living the future.

Taking a long shower

→ I take showers to relax and sometimes, I never want to come out. It's the time when I'm most creative, so many of my inspirations come from this moment.

Reading a book for hours and hours

→ If I can finish a book (or a series) without the interruption of anything, I'll be happy. It's so simple -- I could do it whenever I feel like it! (or when life allows it)

Stepping on freshly fallen snow

→ There's something about stepping on that pure white, picture-perfect ground and being the first one to make footprints across it. I'm sure this isn't just personal. It's a worldwide conundrum on why this is.

Reading my stories

→ Some can't bear the thought of going through their past works. Although I know that it's sometimes embarrassing, I feel happy because I know that I've improved that much. Also, it really is quite funny to delve into my past's mind.

I couldn't list all of my happiest moments, because that'll take so long! But if I had to choose, these have to be it.

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