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Starting A Bullet Journal

I wanted to to do this for a while, but I was too scared to mess it up. But I did need a planner to schedule things, and what better time then now, the first of November?

I bought a notebook that was specially made for Bullet Journals (you can find it here). The paper was much thinner than I thought (I had no sense of how thick papers were: 80 gsm?? 100 gsm??) so I soon figured out that I had to stick two pages together in order to make sure the ink didn't show through.

Looking through Pinterest (my board of ideas), I did have a few ideas of how I was going to design my Bullet Journal. I was really excited to create lovely spreads and share them with my friends and on my blog.

As I am a stationery lover, I had to buy new pens, highlighters, washi tapes, stickers, calligraphy pens, and so much more! To carry all of that I also got a big bag, usually used for travelling.

And below are some of the pages from my first ever Bullet Journal! I wouldn't say it's perfect, but I still love spending my time creatively :)

(Yes, I did get a little carried away and created Weekly Spreads for the upcoming weeks)

I really enjoyed doing this, and I hope to keep on going!

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