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Movie Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

**warning: spoilers ahead!!

About The Movie

Disney just released a sequel to the movie "Wreck It Ralph" (2012)! It's titled "Ralph Breaks The Internet" -- although I don't know why the director didn't name it "Ralph Wrecks The Internet".

The movie starts off by showing the perfects lives of Vanellope and Ralph after the first movie. But for the little racer, life is too mundane. So Ralph tries to create a new course for Vanellope, but as a result, makes the player break the game's console. The arcade manager sees that fixing the game will cost more than the game makes in a year, and decides to take the game out completely.

Luckily, the duo finds a way to go into the world of the Internet to buy the steering wheel that the game needs. But in a turn of events (as movies always do), they accidentally buy it at a ridiculously high price and cannot afford it. And after meeting new friends, Vanellope and Ralph find out the fastest way to make money -- becoming a youtube star!

But all goes downhill when Ralph discovers that Vanellope doesn't want to come back to her life at the arcade. He ventures into the Dark Web and plots a small virus; but later turns into a monster obsessed with being friends with Vanellope.

So How Was It?

I was so hyped when this movie was released -- there were so many things to look out for! New designs for Disney princesses, small Easter eggs planted everywhere in the scenes, jokes about the Internet, being amazed at how many things Disney own, listening to Gal Gadot (yes, Wonder Woman) as Shank -- the list goes on and on. But the thing I enjoyed the most was the overall feel of the movie; it was such a great animation with a sweet message. The movie did feel like it was a little longer than needed, but almost all of the screen time, I was delighted to look for the smallest of details that the creators put in.

And did I mention Disney princesses in casual clothes????? Because YES!!!! It's real!!!

disney, princess, casual, Ralph
Disney Princesses in their causal attire - so cool!

I would definitely watch the movie again and I also hope that they make a series out of the Disney Princesses all living together. That would be amazing.

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