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How To Be A Great Friend

A few posts ago, I talked about common problems that could occur between your friends (which you can find here). In this post, I'd like to explore the aspects that make a good friend that you want in your life.

This might sound similar to the one before, so think of as a continuation of my previous post.

Tell Them "I've Got Your Back"

- There's no better way to tell your friend that they've got your support than to tell them that you've got their back. If they know that you're supporting them, it'll make it easier for them to open up to you. This will definitely make you a great person to be with. Don't forget to actually support your friends when needed!

Silence Isn't Always Bad

- Awkward silence! You do everything to avoid them: small talk, nonsensical chats, and . But is it really that bad? Sometimes, silence between your friend and yourself is not a sign that your friendship is breaking apart. You can't always be talking to each other -- that'd tire both of you out.

Be Happy For Them

- It may be that your friend achieved something amazing, but you couldn't. Still, you have to let yourself be happy for them. Be invested in their success and show passion in the things they accomplished.

Make Sure They Feel Wanted

- It's no good if your friends think that you're only hanging out with them because you have to. Listen to the things your friend tell you, or just outright say that you enjoy their company. People all have insecurities and it might kick in if you're not paying enough attention to your friend.

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