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CTY Summer Camp Overview

Was CTY as dreadful as I thought it would be? No, of course not. I thought of it as a prison for talented youth (aka PTY) but I was completely wrong.

First of all, rooms and hall mates: I used a single room, so no worries about being up late, or loud sounds. My RA was so chill. It was awesome. My hall-mates were also great, but I didn't really get to know them because they were taking a different course.

(For privacy reasons, I've given them fake names)

Lucy: She was very vocal about her opinions. Although we bonded after 2 weeks, she was still too loud for me.

Janet: She was one of the girls that I wanted to get to know better, but couldn't, because I hardly got to see her.

Quinn: She was the youngest in our hall, which made her so cute! I didn't really get to bond with her, but the feelings are mutual.

Vera: She was like a total replica of one of my friends in Korea! Except for the fact that she comes from China and that she had really long hair (that I put braids in!).

Hannah: She was able to go on the go-cart because it was hard for her to walk long distances. Some of us even caught a ride with her.

Penny: I was friends with her for a week, but being in a different class made it some what harder to maintain the relationship. Although we did talk to each other, we mainly stayed apart.

Tessa: The typical "good friend". She was a funny one, who couldn't really take a hint when people told her that one of the boys had a crush on her. (My class)

Kassie: sporty and competitive. Hates losing. But still, she was a great friend. (My class)

Alice: We didn't really come into each other's interest until later in the camp, but she was really nice. A little bit tomboyish, which made her so cool!

Mary: She was in a different class so I didn't get to know her that well, but she sang at the talent show -- I admire her bravery.

Serena: I could probably write a page about her. She was my best friend, a book lover, a writing fanatic and a great fun to be around. She was a shy one, but when she was close enough, she was amazing. I'm actually considering my best friends to be my friends, since I found my other friendly half.

Our class, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning B, (aka INDE B) was so cool! The instructor was a kind professor, who was great at teaching, and our TA seemed serious at first, but she loosened up as the camp progressed.

We had 4 girls ( including me) and 8 boys.

Their RA, Frances was half Korean (I think), was hyper active, and almost seemed like one of the boys.

Okay, a list for the boys. (Their names are also fake)

Will: he liked Serena. So obvious. He took a photo of Serena's poem and started to memorise it (with the help of Kevin). He was the creator of the 'Dating problem" that drove Serena crazy for 2 weeks, and he was the one who wanted a selfie with her, her social media and more. He wanted me to give him lessons on how to be kind, which I think was the sweetest that he'd ever been. (It kinda worked, I guess)

Kevin: OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He's the one who drives EVERYONE insane. He yelled 'John Cena!' Every single time, and then changed it to 'Johns Hopkins!' after he got bored.

Christopher: He was a really quiet one. He became one of Will's supporters for good measure.

Lucas: He seemed quiet in the classroom, but outside, he was such a funny guy.

Dylan: He's Korean, a typical Korean boy. He even taught swear words to Darwin and got into trouble. He was also the co-creator of the 'Dating Problem'.

Alex S: Quite quiet, but still has his opinions.

Alex P: I don't know if he's annoying or not. But word of advice, never play a game (especially Splat) with him. He'll do anything to win.

Richard: I think he had a crush on me for the entirety of the camp (Serena and the other girls told me) and I actually have my suspicion, but who knows?

So, there you have it! My 3 weeks in camp, summed up in a really long post.

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