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Changes That Matter

As long as you're alive, you'll be facing a lot of changes. The fact that things change may be scary and you might even want everything to stop where they are. But one of life's perks is that you get to experience those changes and make your life better. To do that, here are somethings you have to remember.

1. Life Is A Game Of Choices

- Every second of your life, you're making choices. Whether they're trivial, like what to eat for lunch, or a life-changing decision, such as choosing the perfect school, they drive our lives forward. Some choices may lead to regret and some may even hurt you. But it's important to note that there will be choices that you'll take pride in. How you play at life's game of choices will determine everything. The choices you make will act as catalysts for change.

2. Changes Don't Lead To Perfection

- If you're wishing to meet Prince Charming and seal your life with a happy ending, I have some bad news. Changes won't lead to the perfect life. If you're a perfectionist, give yourself a break and try to accept the fact that you don't have to be flawless to be successful. If the world was perfect, nothing would change. What's the fun in that?

3. Mistakes Are Lessons

- 'Learn from your mistakes.' It's a phrase that we've been hearing since we were young. If people stopped trying because of a few failures, there would be no successes. People who stay in for the long run and never quit are winners. The ones that strive for making no mistakes will never achieve what they want, because inevitably, we make mistakes. It's how you handle them (and learn from them) that's really important.

4. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

- The formula for change is simple. Stepping out of your comfort zone = change. Why is that? It's because there won't be anything to change while you're living in your cozy shelter with nothing to challenge you. Taking risks will result in changes, since you've done something out of the ordinary. Also, the act of taking risks alone is a change in your life.

5. Looking At The Bigger Picture

- If you're overwhelmed by the wave of changes that are happening in your life, try to look at the bigger picture. It doesn't have to be a life goal or your biggest dreams. Just think about what you want to achieve with all the changes. If you have a plan, try to make changes that help you find the path to your goal. The choices you made in the past can help you look for new choices that will reach different destinations.


If there's one thing in life that I love most, it's the fact that our lives are ever-changing. They aren't fixed to one factor that determines every single second of your existence. That means that we have infinite possibilities; chances that are open for us to grab. Don't be afraid of changes -- they only happen for you to become better.

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