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Book Review (Mar)

Devil You Know by Cathy MacPhail is a thriller that features a young boy called Logan and his new friend Baz who isn't what he seems.

Logan, after struggling to find a friend in his last school, meets Baz -- the coolest kid in town. Bonding over similar situations, they soon become inseparable. Through Baz, Logan meets new friends. They go around town creating trouble and getting themselves into harmless little messes. Until Baz leads them into real danger. The boys encounter actual gangs and people who want deadly revenges, and in the process, Logan figures out that Baz may not be the boy that he looks up to.


I was really shocked by the plot twist. I was sure that Baz was going to be a serial killer in disguise or a psychopathic friend. But I was not expecting him to be Logan's alter-ego. I actually re-read the book to see if Logan's friend actually mentions Baz's name. They don't. I don't know how I missed that, but I guess the author succeeded in creating an epic end to this book. The fact that the book itself is a recount that Logan wrote in the mental hospital was also quite chilling as well.

Want to read it? Look for it HERE!

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