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Book of The Month (Feb)

The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

The Iron Trial is a novel in the fantasy genre.

Callum Hunt is a bit of a troublemaker who lives with his father. One day, he is told to take an aptitude test to see if he's fit for a school for young mages called the 'Magisterium'. He knew magic was bad news, since his father tried to shield him from the thing that caused his mother's death, so Callum tried to fail the test.

But being the 'Chosen One', he managed to fail failing, and was accepted into the Magisterium. His experience at the Magisterium isn't great, although he is taught by a powerful mage that goes by the name, Master Rufus. He makes new friends along the way that helps him get through the horrors of revealing his past.

I definitely got Harry Potter vibes from this book, but in a different, refreshing sort of way. It'll be interesting to see how the story turns out!

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